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SNG Aqua have a very strong and long relationship with Gunnebo Industries. As experts in hardware we know that our customers expect us to partner with the best manufacturers to ensure that we are consistently offering quality and innovation to our customers. At SNG Aqua our partnership with Gunnebo Industries was a natural fit for our Aquaculture

We carry the full range of Gunnebo hardware, with the following selection applicable to the Aquaculture industry.

Mooring Shackle

The Gunnebo Mooring shackle no. 852 has been developed specifically for the Aquaculture industry, with its unique feature of a counter sunk bolt which locks the shackle, and with increased material thickness in the bow we have improved the fatigue resistance. With all Gunnebo’s mooring shackles we are able to offer several securing options; standard or tailored. For many years the unique no. 852 mooring shackle has been used extensively in the Aquaculture industry.

Gunnebo Industries have improved this type of shackle through continuous improvement to satisfy the exacting demands of the Aquaculture industry. To fulfil one of these demands they have added countersunk shackle type A0830 to their portfolio of aquaculture products. They offer countersunk shackles both in Dee and Bow form.

Hot Dipped Galvanised Chain

Adverse weather and rough sea conditions, coupled with the harsh marine environment must be taken into consideration when you specify the correct equipment for your aquaculture facilities. Gunnebo’s HDG chain is designed to meet the specific demands from the global aquaculture industry.

The chains are made from a premium high quality steel sourced from European steel producers to exacting standards and specifications.

Each element within the manufacturing process is stringently controlled with Gunnebo’s in house quality systems; this also applies to our galvanizing and importantly our heat treating procedures which are critical factors in chain performance.

To prevent the risk of unwanted stress levels, each chain link is subjected to heat treatment after calibration in order to reduce the in borne stress levels within it. Finally, each chain link is visually inspected after calibration.

The ultimate corrosion protection process for steel components in the marine industry is hot dipped galvanizing, this is again controlled to recognized marine standards. Gunnebo Industries have been producing galvanized chains for more than 50 years. Corrosion protection by HDG.

Countersunk Shackle

Gunnebo Industries shackles are made from close tolerance high tensile steel and are quenched and tempered to comply with the most stringent specifications. All parts are hot dip galvanized and have a brown coat applied to the pin on top of the zinc layer.

  • Countersunk hole ensures easy/good tightening
  • No risk to fowling the nets – No protruding parts
  • Connecting (between two chain links) shackle for chain
  • Shackle bolt to fit direct into ratchet, no extra tools or collets needed
  • 3rd party approved to acc. NS 9415
  • Hot dip galvanized pins (normally zinc plated)
  • High quality HDG applied through stringent quality control

Mooring Bolt

Gunnebo Industries mooring bolts are made from high tensile steel and are quenched and tempered to comply with continuous monitoring and quality standards throughout  manufacture. All parts are hot dip galvanized with a brown colour marking.

  • Mooring bolts for both wedge and cement fasting applications
  • Bolts are marked with MBL and traceability code
  • Colour marking showing required depth of fastening
  • Mooring bolts are 3rd part approved acc. to NS 9415
  • User instructions available
  • No A8252 – T-bolt flexible to secure straight/correct line direction
  • Certified according to NS 9415 incl. 3.1 material information
  • All parts are high quality hot dip galvanized

Hot Dipped Galvanised Chain Sling

Gunnebo Industries chain sling are made from a specific material standard that has been proven to comply with the required industry standards.

  • Flattened sections on the masterlink – make it quick and easy to fit thimbles
  • All parts are high quality hot dip galvanized
  • 3rd party approval acc. to NS 9415
  • Short lead-time
  • Three components in one product – one inspection point – one certificate
  • High flexibility regarding lengths
  • No protruding parts
  • Available for LLZ- chain dimensions 13-22 mm

Galvanised Master Link

The Gunnebo master link are made from a specific quality steel grade to comply with the most stringent of aquaculture standards.

  • Hot dip galvanizing is the industry standard for long term protection in the marine environment
  • Flattening bow to make it easy to put on thimbles
  • High quality HDG
  • 3rd party approved acc. to NS 9415

Standard: Third party approved acc. to relevant Norwegian aquaculture standards

Material: high tensile steel. Quenched and tempered, Grade 6

Finish: All parts hot dip galvanized

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