Nets & Enclosures

Fish Cage Enclosure Nets for Salmon & Trout

  • Our process begins with a complete customer consultation to ensure that we have what they want made fully detailed and planned
  • All our nets are manufactured to our clients unique specifications
  • SNG nets are available in hand mounted and machine stitched options

We have a full range of netting, including:

  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • HDPE
  • Dyneema

Netting options available in knotless and knotted netting across all materials.

Bird Netting

  • All SNG bird nets are fully tailored to our clients requirements
  • Our bird nets are available in HDPE, Dynice and Nylon netting
  • We also supply bird net support poles

Predator Nets

  • This secondary net protects the main fish cage.
  • It offers an extra defence as a preventative measure to protect against predators.

Fish Landing Nets

  • We manufacture our fish landing nets or dip nets to any size or shape to suit our clients specifications.
  • We design these with an aluminium frame and typically a nylon net

Sweep Nets & Crowding Float Line

  • The sweep nets are made specifically for the type of cage and fish size required
  • These are supported at the water line by soft floats
  • The float line is a Dyneema rope strung through middle eye round hard floats; this design works great for crowding the fish gently

Mort Baskets

  • Our service offers our clients the facility of pretesting the specifically designed basket before making your bulk order
  • They are designed with robust construction and a 250kg holding capacity
  • We ensure that the baskets are easy to use and do not disturb the fish when they are being lifted from the cage

Box Nets

Our box nets are easy to use and are generally used when there is a requirement for a fish sample to be taken.

Dropper Nets

  • These are used to collect mussel spat
  • We construct these nets to our client specific needs from various types of netting
  • All of our dropper nets are UV treated because of their close proximity to the surface of the water

Our Team

Gary Anderson
Gary Anderson
Aqua UK Production Manager
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Martin Carr
Martin Carr
SNG Aqua Ireland Manager
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