Fish Trawls

Double Bosom Trawl

  • Specialise in catching monkfish

  • An added benefit of this trawl is the centre tongue and bridle which aids in elevating of fish for an easier catch

  • Long wings and a large mesh is to help a larger trawl as it helps decrease resistance

Dual Purpose

  • This is specifically made for mixed fisheries where bottom dwelling and high rising fish can be caught by the same trawl

Rock Hopper

  • Designed for difficult terrain

  • Developed with large rubber footropes to access different areas

  • Can be used for multi species

  • The adjustable vertical height and different wing configuration is to ensure that fishing is optimised

Seine Net

Bottom and high fish:

  • This net offers excellent fuel efficiency as the boat is not towing


Cuttlefish trawls:

  • This trawl was developed for harsher environments.
  • The trawl is made extremely robust with a lot of added weight

Squid Trawl

  • Developed with different footrope styles to suit each environment and to protect the net
  • The high opening trawl is to increase fishing efficiency

Cuttle Fish

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