Bottom Trawling Fisheries

At SNG Bottom Trawling we provide Tailormade solutions to our Customers. All our designs are done to individual Specifications. This consultative approach ensures that the Trawls are the most beneficial to our customers. We try where at all possible to provide Multi-Purpose Trawls which work with different species. With our 50 years and more experience in Net making our workmanship and quality of material is second to no other producer and manufacturer. Our Trawls are built for longevity so to offer our customers the best economic value with the very best solution.

We cater for the below Fisheries:


Our solutions for the Prawn Fisheries are in the Single Bag, Twin Bagand Quad Rig. These Trawls are made to the same High specification as all our Trawls.

Single Bag:

  • This is a multipurpose Trawl
  • It offers ease of handling
  • It is adaptable to different fishing Terrains

Twin Bag:

  • This Trawl has excellent Bottom Contact
  • It offers Superior Stability when this is needed
  • It was developed for harsher deeper terrain
  • It offers superior Prawn quality as the catch is split and with diversion of weight it aids the trawl to fish longer

Quad Rigs/Half Quad Rigs:

These Trawls offer amazing adaptability to suit all ranges of vessels and conditions


Double Bosom Trawl:

  • Specialise in catching Monkfish
  • An added benefit of this trawl is the centre tongue and bridle which aids in elevating of fish for an easier catch
  • Long wings and a large mesh is to help a larger trawl as it helps decrease resistance

Dual Purpose

This is specifically made for mixed fisheries where bottom dwelling and high rising fish can be caught by the same trawl

Rock Hopper

  • Designed for Difficult Terrain
  • Developed with large rubber foot-ropes to access different areas
  • Can be used for multi species
  • The adjustable vertical height and different wing configuration is to ensure that fishing is optimised

Seine Net:

  • Bottom and High Fish
  • This net offers excellent fuel efficiency as the boat is not towing
  • Cuttlefish Trawls:
    • This trawl was developed for harsher environments.
    • The trawl is made extremely robust with a lot of added weight

Squid/Elac Traw:

  • Developed with different foot-rope styles to suit each environment and to protect the net
  • The high opening Trawl is to increase fishing efficiency

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