Buoys & Floats

Working in conjunction with the world famous Polyform brand, SNG supply a comprehensive range of buoys and floats. Designed to be tough, durable and reliable our buoys, fenders & floats are built for the most challenging marine environments.

A-Series Ployform Buoys

This all-purpose buoy is widely used from small recreational boats through to large ships and commercial vessels highlighting the diverse range we offer.

LD Series

This bullet shaped buoy is especially designed to reduce drag when used in strong currents and tides. A heavy duty buoy designed for the commercial fisherman.

Mooring Buoys

Supplied with a mooring rod through the centre, ring on top and swivel on the bottom. The rod is hot dipped galvanized making it an ideal mooring buoy for small craft.

Dahn Buoys

Rotationally moulded buoys with a hollow core for flag poles or can be adapted into a mooring buoy.

F-Series Fenders

Supreme quality twin-eyed fenders, moulded in one piece from tough flexible vinyl. The material is resistant to all weather conditions, mineral oils and highly light resistant. The number one choice of fender.

Gill Net Floats

A quality range of gill net floats are available.

Pneumatic Fender

Long lasting, super strength fender, made from 3 layers of rubber outside pressurised air chamber. This heavy duty rubber fender is the number one choice worldwide for fendering larger vessels. Its robust construction, floating capabilities and lightweight manoeuvrability makes it ideal for commercial vessels.

Trawl Floats for Ordinary & Deep Water

Impact modified moulded trawl floats, suitable for deep-water and surface fishing applications. Contact our staff for any size float not listed.

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