Gill Nets & Leadline

We supply a comprehensive range of quality gill nets and leadline for flat fish, turbot, spider crab, cray fish, Pollock, mackerel and trout, to name but a few.

Nets can be supplied in fully rigged formation or in sheet form. Please contact our experienced staff for quotations and advice on twine strength, colour, depth, etc. See below some of our most common movers in nets and leadline.

Gill nets can be mounted to customer requirement:

  • Fully rigged trout nets
  • Fully rigged turbot nets
  • Fully rigged trammels
  • Fully rigged plaice nets
  • Fully rigged bottom nets
  • Fully rigged cod nets


  • No. 1.5 Leadline | 2.3kg/100m
  • No. 3 Leadline | 7.1kg/100m
  • No. 4 Leadline | 11kg/100m

Our Team

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Christopher Murrin
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James Cunningham
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