A comprehensive range of Marine Hardware is supplied through our distribution centres throughout the country. We supply products from world leading manufacturers such as Blue Line, Gunnebo and Van Beest to name but a few.

Our hardware is produced to the highest manufacturing standards in the industry. Certification of products can also be supplied on request. For any items not listed in this catalogue please do not hesitate to contact any of our outlets for availability.

Fishing Chain G80

High tensile grade 80 chain for towing and general fishing use.

Self-Coloured Chain

Mild steel, available in long link, suitable for mooring and general applications.

Galvanised Chain

General purpose chain. These are available in Galvanised 30 – 70 in a variety of link sizes.

Mooring/Second Hand Weight Chain

Suitable for shipping and mooring purposes. Secondhand chain also available. Moorings made in-house to customer specification for all sizes of vessel.


SNG supply a wide variety of blocks, for both fishing and shore industries. We stock the world renowned blue line range which is the first choice for commercial fishermen. Blocks are supplied in nylon or steel sheaves and can come with galvanised housings of cast steel. The SNG ranges of blocks are suitable for a variety of heavy load applications. We can also supply larger trawl blocks for a variety of vessel size and horsepower.

Gunnebo Connectors

Hot dipped galvanised and yellow painted G80 Connectors, manufactured in Sweden by the renowned Gunnebo Lifting Group. These connectors are the No.1 choice on vessels and store based users for strength and reliability.

Budget Connectors

SNG also offer a high quality connector supplied by the No.1 Fishing Supplier. This connector has proved successful for the whitefish fleet who in turn use large volumes of connectors per annum and where value for money is a premium.

Connector Punches

Punches made from hardened steel for separating assembled connectors.

Bow Blue Shackles

Good quality test blue shackles. They are used in commercial fishing.

D Blue Shackles

Same qualities as the Bow shackle, used in commercial fishing to replace connectors.

Brown Pin, Bow, Gunnebo Safety Shackles

These high quality certified shackles can be supplied in Bow or D-Shape and can come with a safety nut side or countersunk with eye pin. This is the No.1 lifting shackle on the market.

Stainless Steel D and Bow Type Shackles

Marine grade 316 stainless steel shackles ideal when non-erosion is required and easy opening.

Zinc Alloy Weld-On / Bolt-On Hull Anodes

Corrosion may be defined as the deterioration of a metal due to a reaction with its environment. For corrosion to occur, areas with different electrical potentials must exist on the metal surface. An electrical current will flow between the water and fittings made of different metals, causing some of them to corrode away. On wooden and GRP boats the propeller, shaft, p-bracket and skin fitting are at risk, while on a steel hulled vessel the whole underwater area is vulnerable to costly and potentially dangerous damage. Hull Anodes are used and designed to prevent corrosion of the entire immersed steel hull area, including exposed shafts, brackets, rudders and propellers.

Stainless Steel Swivels

Made in-house by the famous blue line Company of Denmark. These swivels are the most commonly used by commercial end users. Can be supplied also in a flex version.

Ball Bearing Blue Swivels

Used on trawlers and heavy lifting assemblies for keeping twists and turns out of heavy duty wires and ropes.

Safety BK Hooks

The most conventional lifting hook on the market, used extensively on fishing vessels and also for onshore industrial use.

Safety OBK Hooks

This hook provides extra safety on the latch devise making it harder for the hooks to spread or open.

Safety BKL Hooks

Supplied from the same family as the BK and OBK Hooks but complete with a swivel head for use on cranes and lifting derricks where it is essential to keep the ropes from twisting.

Slip Hooks (Quick Release)

Manufactured by Markussens of Denmark and supplied with safety locking carbine hooks. Can be supplied with reinforced tops.

Viking G Hook

Viking G Split Hooks

Load Binders

Ideal for easy and efficient tightening of chain, used for lashing purposes. Designed to be easily operated using one hand only.

Viking Flat Links

An ideal lifting or pulling component. Made from high tensile steel and yellow painted, this link provides a good opening space for connecting chains or draglinks.

Chrome Split Links

Carbine Clips

These versatile hooks can be supplied zinc coated or stainless steel. They can also be supplied with a safety screw collar zinc coated or stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Quick Links

Folding Anchors

Hot dipped galvanised anchors, complete with 4 folding claws. Suitable for storing on smaller vessels and offering superb holding power when deployed.

Bruce Anchors

This cast steel and hot dipped galvanised anchor is a low cost alternative to the successful “M-Type” anchor. Once again excellent holding power in sandy, muddy bottoms.

Stainless Grapnel Anchors

Made from 316 stainless steel this a must for any fishing or pleasure boat. Ideal for catching ropes, etc.

4 Fluke Anchors

The No.1 choice for shrimp and crab fishermen. The largest holding power of all anchors which is suitable for all types of fishing grounds complete with an extra rope ring for fast  retrieving. Extra welding and galvanisation makes for a superb anchor.

Fishermans Anchor

The traditional 2 fluke anchor for small craft and fishing boats. Suitable for rocky ground.

Blue Wire Thimbles

Galvanised Thimbles

Manufactured from mild steel and hot dipped galvanised.

Wire Grips

Wire Spikes

We provide a range of splicing tools for convenience when hand splicing hard lay materials.

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