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Lobster/crab creels has become the fastest growing sector within SNG due to the reputation our creel has obtained for its high catching power and durability. The excellent workmanship put into completion of the creel including our renowned entrance eye makes it one of the most popular creels in the market today.

Standard Rubbered Pots

Heavy duty commercial pots with side entry multipurpose catching ability. The soft nylon entrance eyes are designed to allow the largest of lobster and crabs to enter the pot.

Roped Top & Bottom

Can be supplied in 8 or 10mm steel, comes with heavy black PE netting and a 15 bar base. Pot is roped on base for extra seabed protection. nter the pot. The pot can be supplied in 10mm or 8mm steel.


Aquamesh is a PVC coated, welded-wire mesh, specially designed for use in the marine environment. It has a proven track record in both the fishing and aquaculture industries. Aquamesh is produced in 100ft rolls in a range of widths, mesh sizes and gauges. This wire has proved very successful in the base of second-hand lobster pots to increase life and durability of the pot.

Bands & Banding Tool

Lobster banding tool for quick and easy mounting of rubber bands on to lobster/crab claws. Made of stainless steel.

Roped Pots with Ski Bar

This is a relatively new pot on the market showing superb results so far. Comes in 22 or 24 inch with ski bar, three extra runs of 10mm plastic coated steel.

Netted Pots

Available in 8 or 10mm plastic coated steel with 4.5mm PE netting. Fitted with soft eyes, bait bag, hook and rubber. This is the most basic version of pot supplied by SNG giving the owner the option of fishing the pot in its present state and roping the bars at a later stage. base gives extra life span and durability.

Parlour Pots

SNG supply three different types of parlour pots. These can be supplied with a rubbered or roped base in either 8 or 10mm steel. All our pots are 36 inches long and come with a sleeping compartment. Proven to be the most dynamic catcher of lobster on the market with superb holding power on the fishing grounds.

Prawn Pot & Prawn Parlour Pot

Supplied in 8mm plastic coated steel, covered with lightweight durable PE netting. These pots come with an 80mm nylon ring. The pot is fully bound with a 8mm PE rope for longer life.

Shrimp Pot

Moulded from extra strong polyethylene, comes complete with bait tube and door flaps. The most durable shrimp pot on the market. All accessories also available.

Pot Accessories

We stock a full range of pot accessories to complement our vast selection of pots. All of our pot accessories are sourced from tried and trusted manufactures.

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