Netting Types

SNG supply a comprehensive range of high quality netting ranging from twisted nylon, braided nylon, dyneema to poly netting – all available in a wide range of sizes. All of our netting has been tried and tested by you our customers and has been proven to be of the highest standard.

Braided Nylon Netting

Braided netting made from nylon (polyamide) multifilament’s with high elasticity and high breaking load and elongation to break. The elasticity gives the netting a higher ability to meet extreme loads compared to other  materials like polyethylene and polypropylene. Heatset and impregnated with best available materials to ensure stability and endurance.

Twisted Nylon Netting

Twisted twine netting with high elasticity and high strength obtained with accurate twisting levels, tensioning and heat setting after impregnation. The nylon (polyamide) multifilament fibres used are of highest available quality and originated in Europe.

Magnet Grey Extreme Knot

Braided high density polyethylene netting with maximum strength to diameter ratio to minimise drag during towing. The twine is round and compact and core and cover are engineered to optimise knot breaking strength.

Dynet Ultra High Strength Netting

The Dynet is made solely of Dyneema® high performance fibres from DSM and impregnated with special solvent based material to increase stiffness and durability. The netting knot is double and the twine design optimizes knot strength, knot stability and high durability. Lowest drag compared to any other knotted netting types.


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