Our agriculture range extends to all areas of farming and horticulture. From silage cover netting to ropes, hardware and clothing, our agriculture range has everything to fulfil your requirements.


Ideal for preventing birds from entering grain stores, covering bales and silage pits, as well as protecting aviaries and bird enclosures. For the horticulturalists, we have all the netting you need to protect pond life, as well as weed control fabric and windbreak nets for gardens, allotments, orchards, and polytunnels.

Bird Control

Nets for bird stock control in paddocks, such as in fowl farms, aviaries or keeping small birds out of sheds and grain stores.

Silage & Bale Cover Nets

Silage cover nets to help eliminate bird attacks on plastic covered silage, haylage and pits. Helps to keep bales sealed to optimise nutrients within the bale.


Use netting to fence in small animals or extend an existing fence.

Pond Cover

  • To protect fish stocks such as Koi Carp.
  • Secure against people or animals who get too close to pond edges from falling in.
  • Keep birds or predators out of your pond.

Weed Control

Weed control fabric is used for a variety of purposes but is mainly used with the aim of suppressing weed growth while allowing water to soak away.

Windbreak & Shade Netting

Made of strong and durable polyethylene mesh. All our sizes are UV stabilised to protect from long time exposure to harmful UV rays.

Hardware, Clothing & Ropes


We supply a comprehensive range of hardware which is produced to the highest manufacturing standards in the industry.


Our range of clothing has been created to help you find the right workwear for your job. We provide protective clothing for many different applications. Hi-vis vests and coats to ensure you are seen, overalls and gloves for chemical protection, helmets to prevent head injuries and waterproof gear to keep you dry.


Our product range includes operating ropes for mowers and pulling ropes for manure scrapers, as well as components for poultry feeding systems. We develop tailor-made solutions and manufacture the perfect rope for each of your applications.

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