SNG supply a comprehensive range of netting, rope and hardware for public amenities, with a wide variety of twine and mesh sizes to suit all needs. We offer high tensile strength nets and fencing for landfill sites, Astra parks, aviary enclosures, zoos and safari parks.

Should you require, our experienced team can also arrange installation of nets and frames.


We have a wide range of netting including permanent and movable nets. Along with supplying these nets we can also arrange installation of nets and frames.

Recovery Netting

SNG manufacture a bespoke net rope for waste water areas. Our specialised ladder system allows personnel to access the area for both climbing in and out safely.

Landfill Nets

Our range of landfill netting covers everything from waste disposal, to transport and recycling.

  • Full installation of permanent and temporary netting systems
  • Vast experience in working on many waste disposal sites
  • Permanent timber pole or steel structures
  • Temporary timber pole or steel structures
  • Relocation of nets around sites
  • All relevant paper work and certification in order for onsite works

Recycling Centre Nets

  • Small and large mesh netting
  • All U.V. stabilised
  • Strong breaking loads
  • Help prevent paper and lightweight waste from being blown off conveyor belts or from leaving recycling yard areas
  • Helps to contain waste to preferred area of work


  • Netting for small animal enclosures
  • High tenacity polyethylene with stainless steel filaments running through for extra strength
  • Climbing nets for primate enclosures

Aviary Nets

  • Nets to provide enclosures for all avian species including birds of prey
  • A good lightweight and reliable way of closing off bird enclosures
  • A wide variety of meshes to suit all Bird sizes and types

Skip Nets

  • Our range of transport nets are ideal for all types of trucks and skips.
  • Our heavy duty cargo nets are specifically designed to secure loads during transport to safely contain loose, bulky loads effectively.
  • All transport nets can be manufactured to specific sizes, densities and colours to suit individual containers and skips, and can also be used by air or sea freight carriers.
  • Produced from heavy duty polyethylene and featuring reinforced edging, our nets are unrivalled in strength and durability.

Perimeter Netting

We provide a Fence Perimeter for Litter maintenance. This is mainly used in Landfills and Born na Mona sites in Ireland.


Our expertise in hardware and rope allows us apply it to different applications in both an innovative and functional way. We have access to the highest quality hardware and rope providers in the world and we work closely with them to ensure that we are always provided a suitable product for their specific needs.


Galvanised Wire Rope


Carbon Clips

Galvanized for longer life. Durable spring opening system. Smooth edge finish.


Dynice Rope for Industrial Machinery

Dynice ropes are widely used in commercial fishing, seismic mooring, tugging, yachting, lifting, leisure, off road and millitary sectors. The main focus of this 12 strand rope is it strenght, smooth surface and roundness.


Rigging Screws


D Shackle

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