“Net” Working Event May 18th

Posted / 15th May 2017

European Maritime Day 2017 …”The Future of our Seas”

”Net” working on European Maritime Day in Union Hall –  BIM promoting creativity and sustainability …why knot?

Location: Union Hall Pier

Date: 18th May 2017, 5pm (to allow tidy towns volunteers and school children attend)


EMD is celebrated annually across Europe on 20 May to raise the visibility of maritime sectors and support an integrated approach to maritime affairs. The main event is the European Maritime Day Conference, held in a different region each year. This platform welcomes Europe’s growing maritime community, with industry professionals from across the EU joining policymaker to discuss, debate and exchange best practises. Participants come from ports, shipping industries, clusters, environmental associations, trade unions, scientific and research institutions, education, and local, regional, national and European authorities, amongst others. The EMD 2017 conference and exhibition will be held on 18-19 May 2017 in Poole , UK.

The Union Hall event will complement two of the European Maritime Day conference theme’s – “Inspiring engagement for a sustainable future for our seas” and “Marine plastics: a review of impacts and solutions”. The workshops focus on research, governance, ocean education and the importance of social inclusion and community based approaches. BIM intend to showcase their work in these in the fishing port of Union Hall.

Actions at the Event:

Net Recycling

Since 2005, BIM have been working with the fishing industry and ports on the recycling of old fishing gear and a total of 400 tonnes of nylon netting have been successfully recycled. Local fishermen, BIM  and staff from Swan Net Gundry will demonstrate how to prepare waste fishing gears for recycling. This will provide an opportunity to show children different parts of fishing gears, explain about the materials they are made from, how to dispose of them responsibly and what can be made from the material recycled.

Fishing For Litter

Through the BIM’s Fishing for Litter project, fishing ports and fishermen have been actively involved in recovering marine litter as well as better managing waste both on board and ashore. Union Hall is a participating port in the project and 2 tonnes of Marine Litter has been collected to date in 2017. Nationally close to 21T[i]  has been collected since 2016.  Local children will be guided through the typical things found at sea that fishermen return to port to be reused and recycled. By educating the children on the importance of bringing waste ashore rather than dumping at sea it is hoped they will encourage the local fishermen to participate in the Fishing For Litter programme.

Up-cycle nets

Working with Swan Net Gundry, BIM have used waste net cuttings to make “Soap on a Rope”. Children will be invited to try out their knot skills in trying to recreate their own Soap on the Rope!

BIM has also teamed up with Mamukko of Kinsale, who specialise in using old sails, used life-rafts and other waste materials including old netting to create authentic & original fashion items.  Mamukko mix these with genuine leather to turn them into limited edition bags and fashion accessorises.  Mamukko will showcase the possibilities of unwanted material and also demonstrate how they recreate waste in minutes into fashionable goods.

BIM community partners to ensure success:

Local Fishermen, John Minihane  (Cork County Council Harbour Master),Swan Net Gundry, Tidy Towns Volunteers, local primary school children, the Deasy Family for on the ground support and communication and the BIM Responsibly Sourced Seafood (RSS) team.