SNG Fast Flow Brailer

Posted / 24th January 2019

Our New SNG FastFlow Brailer is offering amazing Results to our Customers.

At SNG we approach design and innovation from the standpoint of how the results in the water impact and benefit our customer, the Fisherman.    We have grown our loyal customer base by constantly consulting with them.  Every new Design that is developed from our Design rooms in Killybegs, Co Donegal stems from in-depth conversations, feedback and real time issues that our customers are having and sharing with us.  Our close relationship with our customers is fundamental when we create the correct solution for them.  Our ultimate aim and goal is to achieve the equivalent or better of fish Quality to Purse Fish.

Our new SNG Fast Flw Brailer is no different in its conception to all SNG Designs. The focus on the SNG Fast Flow Brailer is to improve the Fish Quality.  This, according to Fish Buyers internationally has been proven with the fish that they are receiving into their Factories. The results are phenomenal with reports of fish quality of Purse Standard.  

Innovation sits at the core of our company and is a huge motivator for our Designer Cathal Boyle.  Cathal studies the Brailers he previously designed in depth to ensure that his designs are always improving.  At SNG we are a great advocate of the Flume Tank.  We invest heavily in ensuring that the designs are able to be tested in this environment.   In creating a protype for the Flume Tank we were able to test the Brailer and put it through its first Trials. The Flume Tank sessions were taken full advantage of by our team and the tests that were carried out were fundamental to the positive end result of the Brailer

Models were developed where the design team could collaborate and tweak the design to work on additional features that added further value .  A new Feature of the SNG Fast Flow Brailer is the addition of the Dyneema Rings with Splitters running through them.  The Dyneema protects the brailer for extra life and works extremely well when hauling

The highlights of this Brailer rest in the bigger lower section which house the Fish.  It features a wider, shorter Brailer.  Along with aiding a shorter Tow it offers the Fish the additional space, which results in less squeeze and ultimately less blood spots.   The larger area allows for the fish to swim more naturally in the Brailer with less stress.

The SNG Fast Flow Brailer can be tailored to suit small and Large Boats to our customer specifications

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