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Agriculture & Horticulture

Agriculture Netting Solutions

If you are looking for protective netting solutions for your farm or horticulture
business, we can help at SNG. We design and manufacture custom netting, so the
solution we provide will match your unique specifications and size requirements.
Equipment designed for the agriculture and horticulture industries must be suitable
for often challenging conditions. Our nets and ropes are designed and manufactured
to ensure long-lasting and reliable performance.

From slurry ropes to netting solutions, you can rely on our expertise in custom design and manufacturing. We specialise in providing solutions for specific agricultural / horticultural environments, so you can expect the dimensions, features, and performance characteristics that meet your needs.

We continuously innovate to deliver solutions that improve safety, sustainability, daily farming operations, and horticulture business productivity, as well as reducing safety risks, other types of risk, and costs. In other words, you can expect more from your investment or purchase when you work with us.

With a heritage steeped in the fishing industry, we have extensive experience developing solutions for the harshest working environments on the planet. From the depths of the ocean floor to the remotest offshore platforms to your farm or horticulture business, all our products are designed to last.

At SNG, we understand the tight margins that you work with and the importance of keeping control of your costs without compromising on things like quality, performance, or safety. You can expect competitive prices when you come to us for your farm or horticulture supplies.

Products and Solutions for the Agriculture Industry

Our innovative slurry scraper rope, netting, standard rope, and fabric solutions will deliver tangible benefits to your farming or horticulture business. You can also depend on our expert advice, industry expertise, and innovative, problem-solving approach to solution delivery.

Solutions for Your Scraper Rope and Agricultural Netting Requirements

Whether you are looking for slurry scraper rope solutions for your farm or weed
fabric for your horticulture business, our solutions will exceed your expectations.

Slurry Scraper Ropes
Bird Proof Netting
Fence Netting
Pond Cover Netting
Weed Control Fabric
Windbreak and Shade Netting


  • Weather Resistant materials used for Longevity
  • Using Reinforced Edging to Achieve Netting Tension
  • Long-Lasting Durability with Built-In UV Stabilization
  • Using HTPE Twine for Enhanced Strength and Durability
  • Enhancednets designed to withstand the force of strong winds and heavy rainfall.


  • Dimensions available: Tailor made; standard sizes available to buy online
  • Material: High tenacity polyethylene rope
  • Colours available: Green or black
  • FullyUV Stabilized for a minimum of 7 years.
  • Breaking force available: 135kg, 200kg
  • Reinforced edging, 12mm rope
  • Rings or clips available on edges
  • Stationary or retractable ball stop nets available
  • All wire rope and rigging needed for this product available on requests

Got a Question About Our Agriculture and Horticulture Solutions?

Our nets are used on a daily basis across a range of industries, including in the world's toughest of conditions and harshest of environments. This includes the
fishing and offshore sectors, where our netting and rope solutions are industry - leading. We also have a proven track record of providing durable and reliable netting solutions to farmers and businesses in the agriculture and horticulture industries.

We specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke netting solutions for agriculture and horticulture applications. We can adapt all aspects of the design to produce a solution that meets your specific requirements.

SNG is a trusted and reliable supplier of a range of products that are used on farms
and in horticulture businesses, including chains and other hardware products, as well as safety clothing and workwear. We are also recognised worldwide as a leading rope supplier and manufacturer, with tailor-made rope solutions to meet your specific requirements.

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