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What we offer

We offer a wide range of netting solutions tailored for various sports, including GAA, soccer, rugby, golf, cricket, hockey, tennis, basketball, and badminton.

Our netting stands out for its exceptional durability, safety features, and customizable options, ensuring that it meets the unique needs of each sporting application.

Committed to quality and safety, our netting undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee superior performance and longevity.

Moreover, our team is equipped with the expertise to manufacture and install netting solutions that meet the highest standards.

As a testament to our dedication to quality, we provide our customers with added confidence in our products and services. Beyond installation, we offer comprehensive maintenance and support services to ensure ongoing satisfaction and peace of mind for our clients.

Providing Premium Quality Solutions for Sports Facilities and Beyond. Our ballstop nets are crafted using the highest quality materials, boasting a high tenacity (135kg breaking load) and UV stabilization as standard. Designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, our nets offer exceptional durability and longevity, ensuring they can endure even the most demanding environments. Complete with all necessary rigging, including wire, tensioners, and related hardware, our ballstop nets provide a comprehensive solution for sports facilities, parks, schools, and more. 

Enhancing Sports Facilities Across Ireland and the UK. Specializing in the production and installation of astro pitch and public park netting, we deliver premium solutions tailored to your needs. Our goal nets are crafted to the highest standards, undergoing rigorous testing to ensure durability and performance. From soccer to rugby, our nets provide reliable performance and longevity, meeting the demands of even the busiest sports facilities. 

Elevating Sports Facilities Across Ireland and the UK. Our specialization lies in crafting and installing premium netting solutions for astro pitches, public parks, and sports centers. Renowned for our high-quality netting, each product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure durability and performance. From preventing ball loss to enhancing safety, our nets play a pivotal role in elevating the standard of sports facilities. 

As a trusted sports net manufacturer, we offer an extensive selection of accessories to complement your ball stop nets. Our range includes galvanized wire rope, PVC coated rope, rigging screws, wire grips, carabiner clips, nylon rings, eye bolts, pulleys, ropes, and a diverse array of shackles and chandlery. With our comprehensive selection, you can trust in our expertise to provide the necessary hardware for a secure and reliable sporting setup

Our Products

Your Complete Sporting Solution:

Sport Nets, Hardware, Goal Posts; Installed with Precision

Ballstop Nets Options

Explore our Ballstop Nets: Premium quality netting renowned for durability with a 135kg breaking load. Available with comprehensive rigging options, ideal for various applications:

Home Use
GAA Go Games
Home Use
GAA Go Games

Goal Nets

Crafted to the highest standards and subjected to rigorous testing, our goal nets guarantee unparalleled durability and performance. Versatile and adaptable, they are the perfect solution for all your sporting needs, whether in professional clubs or at home.

Astro Parks, Public Pitches & Sports Centres

SNG specializes in the production and installation of astro pitch and public park netting across Ireland and the UK. Our premium netting, characterized by high quality and rigorous testing, plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the end results for our customers meet the standards of excellence and longevity.

Discuss/Hammer Throw Nets
Basketball Nets
Tennis Nets
Cargo Nets
Repair Services
Timper / Steel Poles
Stay Rods / Blocks
Rigging Screws
Wire Grips
Nylon Rings
Carabine Clips

Hardware & Rigging for Ball Stop Nets

Offering More Than Just Sports Nets: Our Range of Sports Net Accessories

We are a reliable sports net manufacturer that also provides an extensive selection of sports net accessories. Our offerings include galvanized wire rope, /PVC coated rope, rigging screws, wire grips, carabiner clips, nylon rings, eye bolts, pulleys, ropes, along with a diverse range of shackles and chandlery.


  • Weather Resistant materials used for Longevity
  • Using Reinforced Edging to Achieve Netting Tension
  • Long-Lasting Durability with Built-In UV Stabilization
  • Using HTPE Twine for Enhanced Strength and Durability
  • Enhancednets designed to withstand the force of strong winds and heavy rainfall.


  • Dimensions available: Tailor made; standard sizes available to buy online
  • Material: High tenacity polyethylene rope
  • Colours available: Green or black
  • FullyUV Stabilized for a minimum of 7 years.
  • Breaking force available: 135kg, 200kg
  • Reinforced edging, 12mm rope
  • Rings or clips available on edges
  • Stationary or retractable ball stop nets available
  • All wire rope and rigging needed for this product available on requests

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SNG Nets are available in two sizes in 50mm and 100mm square mesh sizes, fully UV stabilized andmade of high-tenacity polyethylene with a breaking force of 105kg. They come in various colorsandhave reinforced edges for added durability. The nets also include support rope for stanchions.

SNG Sports specializes in producing and installing premium sport netting, astro pitch, and public parknetting. Our products cater to a variety of sports such as GAA, soccer, rugby, golf, cricket, hockey,tennis, basketball, and badminton. Additionally, we offer a range of cargo nets, climbing nets,hammer throw nets, and other types of nets. Ournetting undergoes rigorous testing to guaranteedurability and top-notch quality.

Selecting the right sports net involves considering several factors such as the type of sport, playingarea dimensions,intended use (e.g., containment, practice), and local regulations. Fortunately, ourSNG Sport Experts are available to provide tailored advice based on your needs.

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