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Sports Net Repair and Maintenance

Sports Net Repair

Sports nets put up with a lot of punishment from the intensity of play, vandalism, accidental damage, and exposure to the elements. If the nets, goals, or similar structures at your facility need maintenance, we can help at SNG. We have experience specifying, designing, manufacturing, and installing sports nets for a range of sporting codes, and we also offer extensive sports net repair services. We repair our nets and those installed or manufactured by others. Get in touch to get a quote.

Sports Net Hardware and Supplies

At SNG, we carry a stock of common sports net components and hardware for delivery across Ireland and the UK. You can order sports nets, ropes, rigging, and timber poles for fast delivery. All the products and components that we supply are high-quality and are either manufactured by us or sourced from carefully vetted vendors. Contact us today to get a quote and place an order.

Net Care Subscription

Net Care is a subscription service to ensure the ongoing maintenance and performance of your sports nets. It is available on SNG-supplied nets only.

Two checks per year at your location with a full inspection of the complete structure, including timber poles.

Wire ropes are fully checked to ensure they are secure and tight. This includes stay wires as well as top, bottom, and intermediate wires.

Full inspection of nets to check for holes, tears, or other damage, including areas of potential damage in the future.

Remedial repairs will be completed on wear and tear damage, with all work carried out by our experienced and skilled team.

Whether you need sports net repairs, maintenance, or a delivery of new components, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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SNG Nets are available in two sizes in 50mm and 100mm square mesh sizes, fully UV stabilized andmade of high-tenacity polyethylene with a breaking force of 105kg. They come in various colorsandhave reinforced edges for added durability. The nets also include support rope for stanchions.

SNG Sports specializes in producing and installing premium sport netting, astro pitch, and public parknetting. Our products cater to a variety of sports such as GAA, soccer, rugby, golf, cricket, hockey,tennis, basketball, and badminton. Additionally, we offer a range of cargo nets, climbing nets,hammer throw nets, and other types of nets. Ournetting undergoes rigorous testing to guaranteedurability and top-notch quality.

Selecting the right sports net involves considering several factors such as the type of sport, playingarea dimensions,intended use (e.g., containment, practice), and local regulations. Fortunately, ourSNG Sport Experts are available to provide tailored advice based on your needs.

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