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Sustainable Operations, Sustainable Solutions

At SNG, we approach sustainability in two ways: through the operation of our business and the sustainable solutions we develop for our customers.

In terms of our business, we are committed to sustainable development and have a robust sustainability policy that guides our improvement efforts.

The key areas of  our policy's focus include:

Developing products, services, and manufacturing systems that improve sustainability

Eliminating risks and implementing action plans and initiatives that ensure the health, safety, and mental wellbeing of our employees.

We are committed to reducing the impact our operations have on the environment, including reducing our carbon footprint.

Reducing waste, including through the reuse and redistribution of used nets and other surplus materials.

Working with our supply chain partners to promote sustainability and assist with our sustainable development objectives.

Ensuring we use resources responsibly and sustainably.

Making a positive contribution to the communities close to our operations.

Encouraging a culture of openness and transparency where all employees feel valued.

Environmental Sustainability

Ensuring our products and the use of our products have as little impact on the environment as possible. Particular areas of focus include solutions and initiatives to minimise the impact and use of single-use plastics, prevent bycatch in the fishing industry, and minimise waste across the full product lifecycle through repair, reuse, and recycling

Social Sustainability

Developing products and solutions that improve the working conditions of your employees. This includes products that improve safety and that are easy to use.

Economic Sustainability

Ensuring you get maximum return on your investment with durable, high-quality, and robust solutions that reduce costs, improve profitability, or both.

Sustainable Solutions

Our commitment to sustainability includes developing innovative solutions that help our customers achieve their sustainability commitments, operational objectives, and regulatory requirements.

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