SNG Aqua specialises in everything Aquaculture. Our unrivalled products, dedicated aqua centres and in-house experts ensures you have the best products and setup on the market.

Your fish farm can support more sustainable fishing techniques that optimize production while being better for the environment.

Our Aquaculture nets are crafted from Dyneema, Nylon, HDPE and Polyester. This safely retains your fish stocks, while keeping predators out.

We cater to all specifications of fish farms and work with clients in an A through Z process to design strong lasting cage grid systems with compromising safety and quality.

Dedicated Aquaculture Centres

SNG have two dedicated aquaculture centres. These are located on the North West Coast of Ireland and Shetland, Scotland.

We offer a wide range of equipment and team of specialists are always at hand.

Mooring System Solutions

Your operation is only as reliable as your mooring system. SNG can both design your mooring system and supply all the material & hardware for your mooring system, and whenever required we can oversee the installation.

Some of the products we supply include:

  • Mooring analysis
  • Initial mooring design with component specification
  • Hydrodynamic testing
  • Mooring supply
  • Installation supervision
  • Certifications for regulatory and insurance agencies

Our Team

Martin Carr
Martin Carr
SNG Aqua Ireland Manager
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