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High-Quality and Fast Delivery on Aquaculture Supplies

We offer a full range of aquaculture equipment supplies to keep your fish farm operational, sustainable, safe, and profitable. All our products are manufactured to the highest standards with options to suit all applications and requirements. We also offer fully customised solutions.


Ordering is straightforward – simply click the contact button to call or send us a message and one of our aquaculture product specialists will personally look after your requirements.

When nets, enclosures, ropes, and other equipment get damaged in your business, it’s important you get suitable replacements fast. You can rely on our service at SNG as we carry good stock levels, and we have reliable delivery partners.

Our range of products and solutions for the aquaculture industry includes nets, enclosures, mooring systems, hardware, rope, twine, fishing accessories, buoys, floats, and clothing. You can depend on the quality of our products, our competitive prices, and our expert advice.

We make getting high-quality, industry-leading, and competitively-priced aquaculture supplies as easy as possible. Our extensive range and strong industry reputation mean you can come to us whatever your requirements.

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Supporting inshore fishermen with a comprehensive range of safety gear and equipment.

Leading Aquaculture Equipment Suppliers

Aquaculture hardware and netting are essential to the smooth, effective, and profitable operation of your fish farm. You can rely on SNG’s products, expert advice, and standard of service.

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  • Weather Resistant materials used for Longevity
  • Using Reinforced Edging to Achieve Netting Tension
  • Long-Lasting Durability with Built-In UV Stabilization
  • Using HTPE Twine for Enhanced Strength and Durability
  • Enhancednets designed to withstand the force of strong winds and heavy rainfall.


  • Dimensions available: Tailor made; standard sizes available to buy online
  • Material: High tenacity polyethylene rope
  • Colours available: Green or black
  • FullyUV Stabilized for a minimum of 7 years.
  • Breaking force available: 135kg, 200kg
  • Reinforced edging, 12mm rope
  • Rings or clips available on edges
  • Stationary or retractable ball stop nets available
  • All wire rope and rigging needed for this product available on requests

Got a Question About Our Aquaculture Solutions?

We can help with any fish farm netting requirement with our off-the-shelf, customised, and fully bespoke solutions. This includes aquaculture cage nets, bird nets, dip nets, and options for all types of aquaculture pens.

We manufacture all our aquaculture nets according to the requirements of our customers, so you can get a solution that meets your specific needs. Nylon, polyester, HDPE, and Dyneema nets are all available, as well as both knotless and knotted netting.

We understand the importance of fast turnaround times on orders in the fish farm industry, so we carry a good stock of products across our range. We also manufacture bespoke

solutions on-site. As a result, we can offer industry-leading turnaround times on all aquaculture products.

As specialist suppliers to the wider fishing industry, we also supply a range of other products that are also relevant to fish farms. We provide high-quality ropes, including polyester and Polysteel ropes, and options with UV protection. We also supply fully compliant aquaculture buoys and floats, including mooring buoys, as well as a full range of fishing accessories, including clothing.

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