Bottom Trawling

At SNG Bottom Trawling we provide tailormade solutions to our customers. All our designs are done to individual specifications. This consultative approach ensures that the Trawls are the most beneficial to our customers.


Each fisherman is an individual, so our trawls designs adjust accordingly. Our experienced team are always on hand to handle every inquiry.

Some of the products we supply include:

  • A Prawn Trawls: Single Bag; Twin Bag; Quad Rig
  • Double Bosom Trawls
  • Dual Purpose Trawls
  • Rockhopper Trawls
  • Seine nets
  • Cuttlefish Trawls
  • Squid Trawls
  • Elac Trawls

Our Team

Cathal Boyle
Cathal Boyle
SNG Fishing Design Manager/Sales
+353 (0) 749748121
Kieran McBrearty
Kieran McBrearty
Bottom Trawl Sales & Design
+353 (0) 749748124