Trawl Innovation

Swan Net Gundry are a world renowned trawl maker supplying gear to all over the world. We offer a full range of designs which are bespoke to suit each individual customer’s needs.

3D Simulation Design

As we evolve in our Trawl Design Techniques our new 3D Simulation application has aided us in providing real life experience on the actual trawl.

Our Simulation Software allows us to input all the parameters of a trawl gear; bottom trawls with two panels or more, pelagic trawls, twin trawls or more. The software simulates the mechanical behaviour of the fishing gear, while  solving the momentum equations and taking into account the hydrodynamic forces applied to each part of the gear.

At the end of the simulation, which can last some minutes to several hours, depending on the complexity of the trawl gear, the results are available:

  • The geometry; any distance and co-ordinate (e.g. openings, door to door distance, depth)
  • The forces: tensions in the rig, in the strengthening ropes and towing force

Flume Tank Experience

Investing in innovation is fundamental to the growth of our business. The flume tank is an exceptional way for us to trial our new trawl designs in the tank and watch how it reacts to the water. We develop our designs in conjunction with this and we can make real time decisions on aspect of our gear.

Our Team

Cathal Boyle
Cathal Boyle
SNG Fishing Design Manager/Sales
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Damien McGinty
Damien McGinty
Production Manager / Sales
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Kieran McBrearty
Kieran McBrearty
Bottom Trawl Sales & Design
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