We are experts in concrete fibres, ropes and lifting hardware.

Our construction nets are heavy-duty and fully UV stabilized for extra safety and durability. Unrivalled in strength and impact resistance, we offer customized solutions to meet your specific site requirements.

Some of our products:

Fall Arrest Netting

Put your trust in our fall arrest netting. Made for the construction industry to EU Standard EN1263-1, our safety nets are unrivalled in strength and impact resistance.

Standard net sizes are in stock at all times with customized options also available to meet your specific site or building requirements. Our personnel safety nets supplied are constructed from heavy duty knotless polypropylene and is fully UV stabilized for extra safety and durability.


Whether you require a scaffolding netting system to catch falling debris, personnel, or a combination of both, we have safety nets to suit every construction site.


Our Helix tag lines are made from DynIce SK75 and have been designed to be tangle resistant. They have been created with a rigid core & stiff overbrading to prevent any turning on itself or wrapping around objects.

We have added an additional factor which is the spiral effect (HELIX), which will dramatically increase grip in wet & slippery conditions. Helix tag lines are designed not to catch on pinch points, as there are no knots or areas to snag.

3M™ Peltor™ Litecom

The 3M™ PELTOR™ headsets are ideal for communicating in noisy environments. LiteCom is a tough and rugged headset designed to cope with demanding use in many different  working environments. The built-in two-way radio lets you talk hands-free and work safely regardless of harmful noise levels.


Our range of clothing has been created to help you find the right workwear for your job. We provide protective clothing for many different applications. Hi-vis vests and coats to ensure you are seen, overalls and gloves for chemical protection, helmets to prevent head injuries and waterproof gear to keep you dry.

Our Team

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