SNG Offshore is a leading supplier of products and services for the marine and offshore industry. We are renowned for our reputation of providing superior products and an exceptional service.

We can add simplification to your business by offering the convenience of dealing with a single agency for all your requirements. We are part of a strong marine suppliers network linking us to R&D in materials, design and product performance. SNG Offshore is a “one stop shop” solution provider for marine and offshore supplies. We only work with premium suppliers and manufacturers coupled with a competent service and prompt delivery makes SNG offshore your ideal supplier partner.

Mooring System Solutions

Your operation is only as reliable as your mooring system. SNG can both design your mooring system and supply all the material & hardware for your mooring system, and whenever required we can oversee the installation.

We can offer complete, project-managed mooring system packages.

Custom mooring package design includes;

  • Mooring analysis
  • Initial mooring design with component specification
  • Hydrodynamic testing
  • Mooring supply
  • Installation oversight

Certifications for regulatory and insurance agencies

Mooring Hardware & Supply

  • Need mooring hardware? Our aquaculture experts have you covered with the latest aquaculture technology and mooring hardware
  • Engineered ropes – custom-finished in specific lengths and with finishing attachments (thimbles, etc.)
  • High performance ropes including DynIce with Dyneema®
  • Buoys
  • Specialist mooring chain – all types
  • Specialist mooring hardware
  • Countersunk Shackles, thimbles, master links, weld-less rings
  • Connection plates and rings for rope grids

Custom Netting Solutions

We supply a wide range of custom made netting solutions. These include:

  • Fall Arrest netting for the construction industry – EU Standard EN1263-1
  • Safety Netting tailored to suit individual site and building requirements
  • Offshore Container Nets
  • Scaffolding Netting
  • Gangway Nets
  • Cargo Nets
  • Edge Protection Nets
  • Windbreak and Debris netting
  • Anti Litter Nets
  • Trailer Cover Nets
  • Warehouse Frame Nets and
  • Rope Ladders

The quality of all these nets is second to none as with all our netting products across the range. Safety nets supplied are knotless polypropylene.

Helix Tagline

Using a regular rope of poly, nylon or sisal has some inherent problems when used as tag line:

  1. They tend to wrap around objects
  2. They get caught in pinch points
  3. The bottoms fray and are then knotted to stop the fraying causing the line to catch
  4. They get slick when worn, wet or dirty with grease

The Helix tagline solves these problems, as it is specifically designed for the application.

Helix taglines are tangle resistant as it is designed with a rigid core & stiff overbrading to prevent any turning on itself and wrapping around objects. We have added an additional factor which is the spiral effect (HELIX), which will dramatically increase grip in wet & slippery conditions. Helix taglines are designed not to catch on pinch points, as there are no knots or areas to snag.


  • Made from DynIce SK 75 12mm with 6mm core (18mm) synthetic rope offering remarkable strength and light weight
  • Weaved over braided cover to prevent abrasion
  • Colour coded eyes and triple action karabiner with captive pin
  • Specifically designed in conjunction with major drilling contractor for the desired application
  • Tangle resistant
  • Designed not to catch on pinch points
  • No knots
  • High visibility yellow outer braid
  • Available in four sizes, 15ft, 25ft, 35ft and 45ft Marine anti-tangle tag lines are manufactured from DynIce SK 75 synthetic rope giving them exceptional strength and they are also lightweight for operator handling.

Each tagline has a soft over braided cover to help prevent abrasion. This similar technology is used in tow lines and gives the product its anti-tangle properties. There are four current lengths 15ft, 25ft, 35ft and 45ft each coming with a relevant colour coded eye for length identification. In addition to this there is a triple action karabiner with captive pin.

WRIN Handle

WRIN STR handles are designed to be attached to chain hooks to eliminate the risk of personal injury and to simplify the operation of the latch release trigger.

These STR handles are a must for the safety conscious. The STR handle is designed to reduce exposure to accidents on sites where heavy lifting is carried out. Over the years there have been many instances of personal injury inflicted during the operation of attaching and releasing chains and slings from chain hooks. The new STR handles are designed to eliminate the requirement of placing parts of the hand inside safety latch hooks while attempting to operate the release trigger.

The STR handle can be attached to the chain hook simply without compromising the integrity of the hook’s design and capabilities. The handle is clamped to the hook and fixed by replacing the hook’s trigger pin with a longer bolt. The STR handle can be fitted to and removed in a minimum of time with a minimum of tools in any location.

The STR handle is made of quality 316 Stainless Steel. The design includes a hole for attaching a lead line for easy retrieval.


Reduce the cost – increase the efficiency

The GrabIQ system makes your lift quicker, safer and easier. The all-inclusive chain sling system for coupling, shortening and lifting in grade 10 is designed to improve your lifting actions and make it as quick and easy as possible. Some of the top features are:

  • Less components – cost efficient
  • Built in shortening function
  • Light weight for better ergonomics

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